Contact Reflex Analysis and VerVita

Dr. Tracy Morningstar is trained and knowledgeable in Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) and VerVita products. These techniques are unique and unlike any in the area. Dr. Dick Versendaal who created CRA and VerVita was a mentor to Dr. Tracy and was able to educate and teach her about the techniques that he had created.

Dr. Versendaal became a chiropractor in 1959 after learning about health and wellness from his mother and father. Over a 50 year period of time he developed a method of analysis that reveals imbalances in the subtle energies of the body. This technique is called Contact Reflex Analysis. Imbalances of the energies of the body can cuase one to become unhealthy. At his CRA seminars Dr. Versendaal often spoke about his father and mother and how he was inspired and taught by his father about wellness and nutrition - herbs and oils - along with the importance of feet that were well-supported.

Contact Reflex Analysis


This is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the energy flow through specific reflexes located on the body. Too much or too little energy may indicate an imbalance in the body's structure, nutritional chemistry or emotional status. An imbalance or deficiency in any of these areas could be related to, or cause, acute or chronic health problems. Not only is CRA used to help treat medical conditions, it is also a great technique for preventative care. It can be used to discover problems before they become extreme health conditions.

How does CRA work? Each reflex point on your body represents a specific tissue, gland, or organ and its function. It is believed that when the body becomes ill there is an interruption or imbalance of energy to these reflexes. To begin the analysis, Dr. Tracy will have the patient hold one arm out to the side. She will then give a gently push downwaardly over the wrist area while pointing to various reflexes. If it is a healthy reflex, the arm muscle will remain strong in resisting her push. This means the energy through that area is balanced and flowing freely. Sometimes, however, the arm is suddenly weak and Dr. Tracy can easily push the arm down towards the floor. This happens because the flow of energy through the body is blocked. This blockage is a potential cause for an unhealthy situation.

In order for healing and wellness to occur and be maintained, structures need to be aligned and balanced. Structural problems in the body can cause health issues because the necessary flow of energy to specific organs, muscles or glands has been blocked.

Body nutrition and chemistry are also important factors in healing and wellness. Improper diet along with enviromental agents such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, parasites, and electromagnetic frequencies from electronic devices attack the cells of the body, weaken the immunities, and open the door to potential sickness and disease.

Most health disorders share the same root problem; improper body function, brought about by nutritional deficiencies and life-style. Every event and life-style choice, along with the resulting thoughts and emotions, will lead one towards healing and wellness or way from healing and wellness.

Dr. Tracy is able to apply CRA to all patients to help determine where the blocks in the energy field are from and how to release the block to help bring the body back to a natural and healthy state. She has since done CRA seminars and applies it to her everyday life to help maintain optimal wellness.



VerVita can support your body as a whole - structurally, nutritionally and emotionally with holistically designed products. No GMOs. No Magnesium Stearate. No Dicalcium Phosphate. No Artificial Colors. No Gluten. No Soy. No Dairy. No Shellfish. No Tree Nuts.

To give a short run down of VerVita, you must first know that "Ver" is short for Dr. Versendaal and "Vita" means life. VerVita has a line that includes essential oils, nutritional products, orthotics, and health and beauty products.

Cork Heel Lifts

In order to have a healthy stable body, your feet need to be healthy and stable as well. VerVita's innovative cork heel lifts are designed for use in any shoe - children's, athletic, men and women's dress shoes, work boots, and all shoes in between. They are lightweight and do not change the weight of the shoe. These inexpensive heel lifts are of comfortable design and made of high quality cork covered with soft vinyl. The edges are beveled to prevent the lift from curling around the edges in closed heeled shoes, and the front of the lift is tapered to make a smooth transition into the arch of the foot.

Essential Oils

These fragant oils - liquids distilled from the plant's berries, seeds, bark, stem, roots, leaves, and flowers - have a specific scent and carry the essence of each unique plant. VerVita has 6 essential oils that can help target all health and emotional concerns.

Nutritional Products

With the help of an experienced team of health professionals, a bio-chemist, and his top notch lab techs, VerVita was able to formulate professional grad nutritional products. These products come in a supplement form and can assist your body in reaching it's optimal health goals.

Health & Beauty

Our skin and hair is an outward expression of our inner health and well-being, and external and internal environments can affect us. The health and beauty products are natural and healthy for your skin and hair.

Choosing which essential oil or which nutritional product to use can be very confusing when there are literally hundreds or thousands to choose from. It also takes a lot of time to educate oneself to know which essential oil or nutrition is needed to achieve a desired effect. We do not recommend you use any products without proper education on each one specifically.

VerVita is working hard to keep their process simple. It is not their plan to offer an overwhelming number of products and instead offer six essential oils. It is through these six that one can balance the energies of the body. One expert trained in hundreds of individual oils, commented that VerVita has, "covered it all". Their concept for their nutritional and health products also has the same concept - less is more.

Everyone and Anyone

Dr. Tracy Morningstar is able to perform CRA techniques as well as assess a patient's overall health concerns to set up a care plan that can involve these products. Between the nutritional products and essential oils, she is able to suggest products that can increase your overall health and wellness. Her techniques are very interesting and we do suggest you come in to speak to her directly about CRA and VerVita. We carry all products that they offer and you can purchase them directly at our office.

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