Cir-Q Tonic
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Contains 90 tablets


Additional Details
Cir-Q Tonic is a vegetarian nutritional supplement. It was formulated as a one-a-day to support the systems of the body. The product's ingredient CoEnzyme Q10 is naturally found in every mitochondiral cell (the cellular "power plants") of the body. Almost all of your body's energy is produced by these cells. Our body needs this in order to bring proper energy to the heart and other organs of the body. The enzyme CoQ 10, however, decreases with age and so does the cellular energy.

The B vitamins also support and increase the rate of cell metabolism--recycling and making new cells - including red blood cells. This prevents anemia, supports the heart, and enhances the immune and nervous system. Because of the increase in making new cells, our skin, nails, and muscles also benefit from the vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin D3 and enchinacea are included to support the immune system, and multiple minerals and trace elements work together for proper growth and development.