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Contains 90 capsules: Serving Size: 3 Servings per bottle: 30

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Toxic foods, toxic environment, toxic chemicals in the dyes of clothing, carpet, paint, furniture, toxic thoughts... One can get even more toxic thinking and worrying about all the toxicity around us. Our bodies were created to have many backup systems in place, just in case of some sickness, poison, virus, bacteria that invades the body. A healthy body deals with these invaders and rids them from the body...sometimes in ways that don't seem to be very "healing". For example the immune system creates a fever to burn up a toxin or foreign invader. One may experience diarrhea as the body rids itself from food poisoning. Neither are pleasant, but the body is working as it should.

Sometimes additional cleansing is needed or even a daily maintenance of "clean". Many cleanse recipes put stress on the organs over a short period of time and dehydrate the body not only from toxins, but good and necessary vitamins and minerals as well. This kind of stress does a body more harm than good.

Clean the fluids of your body. Get rid of sick proteins the body holds in the form of excess fluid in the kidneys, bladder, and interstitial cells. Clean out the debris held in the gallbladder, liver, intestines and colon. Finally support the immune system to fight off any foreign invaders. VerVita Klenz does this. It assists the body in getting rid of fluids, debris, and it supports the immune system in its vigil to eradicate or keep out anything harmful.