New Patient Appointment

Our new patient appointments are generally broken into two different appointment parts. The first part you will be responsible for the essential paperwork and testing that the doctor will need prior to an adjustment. The second part will be an evaluation with the doctor and your first adjustment. These appointments can be scheduled within a day apart if the schedule allows.

First Part


Upon entering the office, we have some brief paperwork for you to fill out. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself and your condition.

History and Examination

In order to determine what your actual problem or concern may be, the doctor will need to have some specialized tests done. These test will be performed to determine which tissues are affected and to what extent. The tests are done in office and include x-ray studies and foot leveler scans.

X-ray Studies

Your specific condition may require Dr. Tracy to request multiple x-rays to either rule out more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you. These are ususally requested during your first initial visit where we will refer you to a location of your convenience to have these completed.

Foot Leveler Scan

Your feet play an important role on your entire body. In order to make your body work together, we make sure your feet are stable. Our custom scan measures all three arches of the foot to see any aliments or trouble areas that may affect the body. This scan takes about a minute for each foot and is non-invasive. It will allow us to determine if you need custom made orthotics or heel lifts.

Second Part

Once finished with the paperwork and all appropriate studies, patients will come back for their second visit which will be with the doctor.


You will meet Dr. Tracy Morningstar at this visit. She will go over your specific x-ray and scans that you had done. She will also explain the importance of chiropractic care and how it is specific to your body.


Depending on your care needs, your visit with Dr. Tracy may include spinal adjustments, physical therapies, and/or soft tissue therapies. This is where you will get information about her adjustment techniques that she will specifically adjust to your body needs. This may include manual manipulations, the use of certain chiropractic manipulation tools, muscle testing techniques, and different services available at the office.

Care Plans

Dr. Tracy Morningstar will educate you on the importance of continued routine chiropractic care. She designs a care plan specific to your needs and upon following that care plan, most patients have extreme success. Your care plan may consist of using ice or heat application at home, avoidance of certain activities or positions, at home stretches or exercises, follow up visits with our office, as well as possible supplements or nutritional information. After that first initial care plan has reached the end, she will re-evaluate your condition using her skills and techniques to determine a routine care plan that meets your needs.

This is where our office is different than most. Our goal is to keep you maintained and feeling healthy and by following your care plan, you will feel that way. If you do not follow the recommended care plan or instructions, you may fall into the same previous routine your body was in that brought you into the office. Dr. Tracy does re-testing throughout your care with her so that you are always receiving the best care for your body as it changes.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

You will be given a convenient appointment time for your follow-up visit. Generally speaking and depending on specific care plans, patients are usually seen within 1-2 days and are provided with a complete review of findings. Any services or products that are recommended by the doctor can also be scheduled and purchased at this time.